4 Reasons why you need to do Background Checks on your New Employees

Here at Prep the Project we cover everything when it comes to hiring, careers, interviewing and much more. However we have one topic that we almost missed out and that is Background Screening. When our writers spoke about Background Screening we were surprised that we even forgot to write about this topic since it’s very important that every employer and employee should know. So let’s start with the basics.

Why you should do Background Screenings?

If we look at the crime rate in the United States, we can easily see the reason. Workplace fraud is one of the most common work related crime activity that happens in the United States, combine that with recent events like sexual interference at work and you have a very high risk of potential crime in your company. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect your company and your employees.

But how do you do a Background Check?

There are many companies that are doing Background Checks, but you would want a company that can do it the best. For that, we recommend visiting CFCW, they have reviewed all background screening companies and made a list, visit: background check companies review

What type of Background Check do I choose?

You might be able to do conduct different types of checks, but we recommend you stick with Statewide and County-Level searches. Those are the most FCRA compliant and the most easy to conduct, there are a lot of companies that offer different types of searches, like OFAC lists, watch lists, federal searches. But these wouldn’t give you a lot of data, they are expensive and they just create a false sense of security. Companies love to offer these, but we recommend that you stick with the bread and butter, visit CFCW to read more about how to achieve that.

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Are Background Checks expensive?

This really depends on the amount of searches you would like to conduct, the more searches you do the cheaper the price, this is what most companies offer, however not all companies offer discounts. We recommend reading the review which will give you a good comprehensive facts that you should consider when doing background checks.

Any more info I can see?

Yes, we found a cool Youtube video for you to watch, this video explains in full details what you need to consider, watching videos is always better than reading a wall of text, but we aware this video only covers the basics, it will not cover in details what each company can offer, this is why, when we consult companies, hr professionals and employers in the United States, we highly recommend a comprehensive review or we recommend that you sign up on any of the platforms and test the services, many new companies now offer the ability to sign up, either deposit a small amount or, enter your card and use their services without contracts, getting a single check would be your best method.

However here is the video from CNBC:

And this video would also be interesting to watch:


5 Fashion Bloopers to Avoid on Interview Day

So, you’ve got an upcoming interview and you are busy going through your wardrobe trying to pick the best outfit. While you may think that it is the perfect opportunity to give interviewers a glimpse of your personality, experts say it’s best to stick with professional outfits.

In this post, we take a brief look at some of the fashion items you want to avoid when going for that interview. Let’s get started!

Anything Revealing

Both women and men should dress conservatively. Don’t wear anything that reveals too much, including miniskirts and shirts that shows cleavage. Trousers should fit perfectly around the waist.

fashion bloopers clothing - 5 Fashion Bloopers to Avoid on Interview Day

Bright Colors

This goes for everything in your outfit. No bright colors on your nails, no bright accessories, and no bright colored clothing. Stick to sophisticated items with neutral colors.

Anything That’s Out-of-Date

You want to make a good first impression while looking professional. We, therefore, recommend avoiding anything you have that’s not in style or out-of-date, including suits.


Unless your interview is with the Rolling Stone magazine, no leather. Scratch that, rather avoid leather at all cost. Leather jackets, skirts and pants are best kept for weekends.

Statement Accessories

Facial jewelry, massive bangles or great big purses in bright colors should be avoided. You need to keep in mind that you want to impress the interviewer and show them that you take the interview seriously.

If you stick to neutral colors, smart-casual clothes that aren’t revealing and accessorize modestly, you should be fine. And remember, you are never fully dressed without that smile of yours! Good luck and remember to dress for success!


Selecting the Best Wardrobe for Your Interview in New York

Whether you are going for an interview or out with some friends, the way you dress says a lot about you. While the standards of work attire have changed quite a bit over the past couple of years, it is still important to dress to impress for your interview.

Even more so if you have an interview scheduled in New York. In this post, we take a look at some expert tips on selecting your perfect interview outfit.


No matter what’s trending, your hair should be neat and styled. Beards should be trimmed or shaven. Remember, you want to make a good impression, so it’s worth the effort.


Keep any accessories minimal, you don’t want to make a statement or distract interviewers. Perfume and cologne should also not be overwhelming. You want to impress and appear professional, that’s the look you are going for.


Your shoes should be neat and clean. New York is pretty conscious about appearance, so don’t skip on your shoes. Women can go for a short heel, and men should stick to lace-up leather shoes.


Whether you are going to wear slacks or khakis, we recommend that your bottoms should be ironed. Your bottoms should fit well, not too tight and not too loose, and be accompanied by a belt.


Blouses and smart shirts are the way to go for men and women. Make sure your shirt is ironed before the interview, and that there are no creases visible. Women should also make sure that the shirt fits perfectly, and is not revealing.


Once again, you are not going to make a fashion statement, you want to show your interviewer that you mean business and that you are professional. Stick to darker or pastel colors, and rather skip those bright colored prints.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that this will be your opportunity to make a lasting impression. If you are serious about landing your dream job in New York, you’ll stick to dressing for the occasion, and follow these easy tips. Good luck with your interview!

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3 Expert Tips on Being Prepared for Employment Screenings

It is not uncommon to be required to pass some screening tests when you apply for a job nowadays. Some of these tests can be simply to ascertain what type of person you would be, while others focus on your problem-solving skills. But, is it possible to prepare for these tests?

It most certainly is! The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay calm and relaxed while writing these tests. Keep in mind that employers simply want to get to know you a bit better. In this post, we provide some expert tips that will help you prepare for some of these tests.

Types of Tests

Firstly, we’ll take a look at the different types of tests you may be required to complete for employment screenings.

Skills Test

These types of tests depend on the position you applied for. Some companies may ask you to complete a computer literacy test, while others may ask you to complete a typing test. If you apply for a developer or accounting position, you may even be asked to complete a basic mathematics or coding test.

Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are completed to ascertain what an applicant’s cognitive and problem-solving skills are. This will also allow employers to get some insights on how quickly an applicant will be able to learn a new skill.

Personality Test

You can’t really prepare for a personality test, as this is mostly to see whether your personality would be a good fit for the company and a specific position. The best way to approach these tests is with complete honesty.

Now that you know what type of tests to expect, we’ll give you some tips on how to prepare and practice to ensure a positive outcome.

Do Some Practice Tests

employment screenings test - 3 Expert Tips on Being Prepared for Employment Screenings

There are many great sources online that offer practice aptitude and skills tests. Be sure to practice completing a couple of these before completing the actual test provided by the company. This is great for refreshing your knowledge and practicing specific skills.

Stay Calm

employment screenings calm - 3 Expert Tips on Being Prepared for Employment Screenings

There is no point in working yourself up or stressing yourself out. The only way you will be able to complete the test to the best of your ability is by staying calm and relax. It’s also important to keep in mind that employers will look at other aspects too before hiring.

Take Your Time

employment screenings interview - 3 Expert Tips on Being Prepared for Employment Screenings

This goes hand-in-hand with staying calm. You need to take your time while reading through the questions to make sure you understand exactly what is asked. If you rush through things chances are you will completely miss the mark.

And there you have it! Prepping for your upcoming employment screening should be a breeze with these tips. The key takeaway is to remain calm and just do your best. Your great resume coupled with impressive test results will be the winning combo for landing that job!


4 Top Tech Interview Tips for Graduates

Whether you’ve already completed your degree in technology or are about to, the next natural step to take is to start job hunting. And following that, of course, is going for some interviews. Interviews can be very intimidating, even more so for the tech industry.

Apart from having to answer multiple questions, you may even be required to complete some skills tests. But don’t you worry! Here we share some handy tips to get you ready to ace that interview and land your dream job!

Know Everything About the Company

The more you know about the company, the better. Do some research and be prepared to answer questions about your knowledge of the company and why you want to join them.

Prepare Some Questions

Interviews are an opportunity for both the employer and applicant to see whether it’s going to be a win-win for both. Prepare some questions beforehand, this will show your interest and give you significant information on the job.

Know Everything About the Position

Every job has its ups and downs. Be sure you’ve taken note of all the requirements for the position you have applied for. You’ll also be able to illustrate how you are qualified to fulfil the role.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As you will have the opportunity to showcase your personality, skills and expertise, you need to know exactly what they are. Do some practice tests and problem-solving exercises beforehand to be prepared for any task or test during the interview?

You may even be required to illustrate your coding skills, so be sure to practice that before the interview too. And finally, remember to remain relaxed and calm. The better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will be. Good luck!

Be sure to contact the team at Prep The Project if you have any questions about your upcoming interview.

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