4 Reasons why you need to do Background Checks on your New Employees

Here at Prep the Project we cover everything when it comes to hiring, careers, interviewing and much more. However we have one topic that we almost missed out and that is Background Screening. When our writers spoke about Background Screening we were surprised that we even forgot to write about this topic since it’s very important that every employer and employee should know. So let’s start with the basics.

Why you should do Background Screenings?

If we look at the crime rate in the United States, we can easily see the reason. Workplace fraud is one of the most common work related crime activity that happens in the United States, combine that with recent events like sexual interference at work and you have a very high risk of potential crime in your company. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to protect your company and your employees.

But how do you do a Background Check?

There are many companies that are doing Background Checks, but you would want a company that can do it the best. For that, we recommend visiting CFCW, they have reviewed all background screening companies and made a list, visit: background check companies review

What type of Background Check do I choose?

You might be able to do conduct different types of checks, but we recommend you stick with Statewide and County-Level searches. Those are the most FCRA compliant and the most easy to conduct, there are a lot of companies that offer different types of searches, like OFAC lists, watch lists, federal searches. But these wouldn’t give you a lot of data, they are expensive and they just create a false sense of security. Companies love to offer these, but we recommend that you stick with the bread and butter, visit CFCW to read more about how to achieve that.

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Are Background Checks expensive?

This really depends on the amount of searches you would like to conduct, the more searches you do the cheaper the price, this is what most companies offer, however not all companies offer discounts. We recommend reading the review which will give you a good comprehensive facts that you should consider when doing background checks.

Any more info I can see?

Yes, we found a cool Youtube video for you to watch, this video explains in full details what you need to consider, watching videos is always better than reading a wall of text, but we aware this video only covers the basics, it will not cover in details what each company can offer, this is why, when we consult companies, hr professionals and employers in the United States, we highly recommend a comprehensive review or we recommend that you sign up on any of the platforms and test the services, many new companies now offer the ability to sign up, either deposit a small amount or, enter your card and use their services without contracts, getting a single check would be your best method.

However here is the video from CNBC:

And this video would also be interesting to watch:

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