5 Fashion Bloopers to Avoid on Interview Day

So, you’ve got an upcoming interview and you are busy going through your wardrobe trying to pick the best outfit. While you may think that it is the perfect opportunity to give interviewers a glimpse of your personality, experts say it’s best to stick with professional outfits.

In this post, we take a brief look at some of the fashion items you want to avoid when going for that interview. Let’s get started!

Anything Revealing

Both women and men should dress conservatively. Don’t wear anything that reveals too much, including miniskirts and shirts that shows cleavage. Trousers should fit perfectly around the waist.

fashion bloopers clothing - 5 Fashion Bloopers to Avoid on Interview Day

Bright Colors

This goes for everything in your outfit. No bright colors on your nails, no bright accessories, and no bright colored clothing. Stick to sophisticated items with neutral colors.

Anything That’s Out-of-Date

You want to make a good first impression while looking professional. We, therefore, recommend avoiding anything you have that’s not in style or out-of-date, including suits.


Unless your interview is with the Rolling Stone magazine, no leather. Scratch that, rather avoid leather at all cost. Leather jackets, skirts and pants are best kept for weekends.

Statement Accessories

Facial jewelry, massive bangles or great big purses in bright colors should be avoided. You need to keep in mind that you want to impress the interviewer and show them that you take the interview seriously.

If you stick to neutral colors, smart-casual clothes that aren’t revealing and accessorize modestly, you should be fine. And remember, you are never fully dressed without that smile of yours! Good luck and remember to dress for success!

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